They don’t get talked about as often as they should… almost forgotten about or not even known about to a lot of people who consider themselves fans of Cincinnati…and it’s a shame.  Mash Cult is doing some big things out of their tiny brewing operation, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet.

MashCultLogoWho Is Mash Cult?

The simplest answer is that the brewery is Jon Wells and Tony Harrell.  The duo met each other years ago, and started homebrewing together while they were roommates.  Harrell was working at Florence’s Party Town in customer service and warehousing, and would bring some of their homebrews in to share from time to time…building a lot of interest along the way.

All this beer sharing, and people talking about the beer started to pique the interest of Party Town General Manager Drew Murphy, he came to Harrell with the idea that maybe they could start brewing beer for party town, which already had it’s own beer scene forming around their beer department.  Once the offer was taken seriously, and the miles upon miles of red tape was cut through… it happened.  They opened with a small brew system, literally in the warehouse of Party Town, and they’ve been chugging along since they opened in January of 2015.

Their Beer… Weird?

It’s not an insult…I promise you, when I say that they make “weird beer”.  This is exactly how they describe it.  Their approach has always been pretty fun, to take a traditional style, and then add non-traditional ingredients to the mash of the beer.  Using this approach has wielded some creative approaches such as:

  • White Girl Pumpkin Latte Ale.
  • My Milk Stout Brings All The Boys To The Bar.
  • Cultic Porter
  • Ramathorn
  • and many others.

Available only on tap at Party Town currently, they are doing this from the ground up… starting extremely small.  But they do have intentions to grow to a larger size when they can, wanting their beer to be available to as many people as possible.

So… if you haven’t ventured down, yet.  Make your way to Florence’s Party Town to give whatever their latest creation is on tap a go.  You won’t be disappointed…weird beer or not.


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