I always throw this disclaimer out there to tell you that they might not be coming at all, or anytime soon when we get some new labels approved, but both of these MadTree labels have been confirmed by thew brewery to be coming early next year… so chew on that.  Let’s skip the hoopla, and get right to it, shall we?

MadTree - IdentityCrisis-LabelIdentity Crisis

One of the most begged for packaged releases from a Cincinnati brewery, Identity Crisis is Hoppy Porter-ish mishmash of styles that is a favorite among many beer drinkers here in the city.  We’ve been told over and over that it’s coming, that they’d do it when they were able, and now it’s finally on it’s way!  From the brewery:

Not a ray of light penetrates the soul of this beer. Combining the roasted malt backbone of a Porter with a huge amount of earthy and citrusy hops typical in many IPA’s, this unique ale will leave you questioning it’s identity and maybe yours.

It’s got 6.9% ABV with 61 IBUs… they are saying it should be out, “Sometime in the Spring”, and they are doing the releases of it much like the “high” series where it’ll come when it comes… not seasonally, not regularly…just when it’s able to be made it’ll get made.

The label design on this one is a bit of a departure for MadTree, featuring only their logo and a mirrored and reversed black and white image… Perfect for the Identity Crisis that the beer suffers in trying to identify itself in this world of BJCP style guided madness.

MadTree - RubusCacao - LabelRubus Cacao

Rubus Cacao clocks in at 7% ABV with 12 IBUs, and this wonderful chocolaty raspberry treat is another local favorite when it gets released every winter.  They sprung this one up on us as a surprise, making a lot of beer drinkers pretty happy in the meantime.  The description from the brewery reads:

Raspberries and chocolate go together like two peas in a pod. But don’t worry, there’s no peas in the Rubus Cacao. Rather the sweet chocolate, roasty bitterness and dark raspberry fruit combine in perfect harmony. Who knows, the Rubus might even become the pea in your pod!

The release of this is scheduled to be a seasonal release… with it coming out each winter…sometime in January.  The label of this one is featuring artwork from Richard Biever, and will find a welcome spot in my beer fridge when it’s available!  It’s important to note with Rubus Cacao, 50% of all the proceeds go to charity… another reason to snatch this one up when you see it!

Also: with this one, Jesse Folk reported that the Brew Professor himself, who now works as a spokesman for MadTree let him know that this one will see some barrels this year as a trunk series release… mmmmmmm…. my mouth is watering even thinking of the possibilities.

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