Urban Artifact is killing it.  I know that I’ve said that before, but I really need to emphasize that for anyone who might still be hesitant in checking out the Northside brewery because of their Wild and Tart beer repertoire.  I cannot tell you enough that you need to get down to their fantastic, church located taproom and see what they’ve go on tap right now.  And actually…right now might be a great time to revisit if it’s been a little while too because of this week’s Tap Tuesday addition of their new year round beer: Phrenology.


I’m not going to dig into what the heck Phrenology actually is… though if you want to look into it, you can read about it…or do a quick google search for a great rabbit hole to fall down into if you so desire.  What I will tell you about though, is that it’s the newest IPA to find itself on Urban Artifacts tap listings, and why it’s something you need to take note of.

Phrenology is not the biggest IPA, though it clocks in at a nice 7.3% ABV, the flavor of this fresh beer is nice and juicy, with a lingering dryness in the back end that comes from the addition of Brettanomyces.  They loaded this up with some Mosaic and Chinook hops, but the beer doesn’t have the bitter “smack in the face” that you’ll find with some IPAs, choosing the path instead of a fresh fruity hug.  The secret that this beer holds, though, is within the addition of the Brettanomyces strain ‘C’ we mentioned…

Drink It Fresh!  Or Don’t…

Urban Artifact isn’t a brewery that likes to do things the way they are “supposed” to do them.  This extends to how they’re rolling with this IPA.  We’ve all heard people telling us over and over that you should be drinking our IPAs fresh, and Urban Artifact is not necessarily telling us not to do this… they’re telling is that this might be kind of fun to do a different way.

With the addition of the Brett in this beer, it’s going to keep changing over time.  The brewery is hoping to be able to stash away kegs of this for fun tastings in the future.  You can expect events where you’ll find the fresh and aged versions side by side to see what this tastes like once the hops start to fade, and the Brettanomyces takes over.

Get Urban Artifact Phrenology on Tap Tuesday!

If you aren’t familiar with it yet… every single Tuesday you can find something new on tap at Urban Artifact.  Get down there and try the new beer, along with the rest of their line-up!  For now, they aren’t making plans on releasing any of this to distribution…so you’ll need to make the journey down!


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