UrbanArtifactDon’t worry thirsty beer fiends of Cincinnati… there will be plenty of new tappings to keep your palate pleased this holiday season down in Northside’s Urban Artifact Brewing.  They are kicking off their 12 beers of Christmas on Monday, December 7th with the first set of 12 different beers to be released.  These are some new and even some “old” favorites thrown in there as well (I for one and thrilled to see some more Coffee Kodiak making an appearance.) There are some incredibly creative spins on some of their taproom “standards” and if you’re at all a fan of what they’ve been doing – you need to mark your calendar for this one.

The taproom on Monday will be filled with a ‘Wild Christmas’ event, that features a screaming choir and the Cincy Brass.

Six of these will be tapped at a time, with a new one being tapped as each keg kicks, so get there to try them before they’re gone!  The beer list is as follows:

  1. Tannenbaum
    • Bourbon barrel aged stock ale with spruce tips.
  2. Nitro Kicksled
    • Winter spiced stout
  3. Spicecake
    • Spiced stout with orange, chocolate, star anise and cinnamon
  4. Yule Log
    • Amber ale aged with cedar
  5. Coffee Kodiak
    • Tart brown ale with coffee from Deeper Roots Coffee
  6. Praline
    • Dark ale with cinnamon and pecans
  7. Christmas Pickle
    • Gose with cucumber and dill
  8. Madeira
    • Dry Irish stout with chocolate
  9. Tinderbox
    • Spiced stout with habaneros
  10. Cherry Cordial
    • Chocolate Cherry Gose
  11. Christmas Pudding
    • Amber ale with holiday spice
  12. Orange Dream
    • Berliner pale ale with orange and vanilla

There is some really cool stuff on this list, that you probably don’t want to miss out on, and it’s going to make for a Merry Gnarly Christmas for Cincinnati!


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