Moerlein-BigPineyBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- Big Piney
ABV- 7%
IBU- 65

Camping in the woods on a dark night, unsure if you heard footsteps, an animal, or the wind.  Whispers of “what was that?” as the hair stands up on the back of your neck.  Peering out from the tent, a shadowy figure fades into the pines.  In remembrance of that epic encounter, you name the mysterious creature “Big Piney.”  Moerlein Big Piney IPA is brewed with a monstrous mix of Pacific Northwest hops that gives this creature a thick aroma of dank pine, inspiring a legend of it’s own.


This is a beer that I have been looking forward to tasting for a while, the labels had been teasing me for around four months from their approval, until the beer’s release date… and the wait was so well worth it.  When you crack open your can of big piney, you’re immediately hit by the aromas of earthy, piney, grassy hops leaping from the opening.  This is nothing, though compared to how much those aromas jump out of the glass as your pour it.

Once it’s in your glass you can see a beautiful beer, slightly hazy with a nice sized light tan head perched upon it’s copper body.  When you dig your nose into the glass you can find some light toast hidden behind the massive hop aromas, if you’re looking for it.  Make no mistake, this beer is a showcase for those big Pacific Northwest hops… and it makes no apologies for that.

The beer has flavors just like you’d expect from the aroma, lots of big, earthy herbal hop flavors, but balanced out in soft bodied mild beer that doesn’t leave your palate feeling fatigued after drinking.  I would never call this a “session beer”, but It’s certainly not one that will make you feel like you’ve just experienced an entire meal, and need a nap after drinking it.  This is a fantastic addition to Moerlein’s Limited Release Can Series, and I can’t wait to crack into another one.




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