Moerlein-EmancipatorCoffeeBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- Emancipator With Coffee Added
IBU- 27 IBUs

Originally brewed to help monks get through their holy fasts this medal-winning Christian Moerlein Doppelbock is brewed with locally made coffee to help keep celebrants jubilant during Bockfest. Made in collaboration with the legendary Arnold’s Bar and Grill, this beer will be released in a individually numbered 300 bottle batch with first 100 bottles hand signed by Head Brew Master Eric Baumann. Enjoy it now or proudly cellar it to explore a wealth of complex flavors.

This is a special one for me… released in an extremely limited quantity in bottles at Arnold’s Bar and Grill (marking their first ever bottle release) I was really excited to get my grubby hands on an early bottle to try. (if you want read some more of the details of the beer and the event, head over here for my post from a few days back) – for now… let’s drink this puppy!

Before I even crack the bottle open I have to make note of the artwork.  I’m a self proclaimed geek for beer art, and this bottle puts this years artwork from Jim Effler’s bockfest poster front and center on the label.  The label is done in a metallic ink that really makes this shine in person and makes you realize that what you’re holding is something special.  The beer looks just like its namesake ‘Emancipator’ does in the glass.  A nice clear, light mahogany color with a big foamy light tan head perched up on top.  Aromas are light and effervescent… with notes of a toasty breadiness that has an underlying coffee note that isn’t as overpowering as some coffee beers can be.

And the taste… of course the taste.  This is a great example of how you can do a coffee beer, while still allowing the beer to shine.  Emancipator’s easy drinking malty body isn’t overshadowed, instead solidly improved by the addition of coffee.  It’s blended into a beer that while your initial sip screams bock beer, the light roasty coffee on the finish lets you know that it’s something more than that.  This is a lovely beer, and if you haven’t yet put it on your calendar, you need to make sure that you head out to the release on Sunday at Arnold’s…it’s going to go fast.

Emancipator With Coffee


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