MoerleinBeerGlassI know, I know… You’ve probably been bombarded by Moerlein news lately on social media, but hang in there with me on this.  I wrote a bit about the new packaging news out of Moerlein about a month ago, though, if you managed to miss it then you can catch up with the first post about the new packaging, and then my second post where I dug in a little more about the new brand overall.

The last week or so has been pretty exciting on the Moerlein front.  Although we knew that the new cans were coming from the brewery, enabled by their new expansion.  Even with us seeing the new branding, and getting a good look at what the Moerlein of today looks like and why they look that way, the news has kept coming, when at Bockfest, brewer Tom Hull might have made an offhand comment about “unique packaging” and then a quick reference to 15 packs.  Well, if you have been watching my twitter feed, you might have caught my little reference to Moerlein and their response…and sure as shit… the press release went out today letting us in on the secret.

Moerlein is rolling out some of their beer in 15 packs of cans!

Moerlein OTR 15PackThe New Packaging

Behold, we can now enjoy even more Moerlein!  Their now locally famous OTR recipe will be making its way into six packs of bottles, six packs of cans, and the new 15 packs.  The new Third Wave IPA will see the six packs of cans, as well as 15 packs of cans, and the new Purity Pils will be available in only six packs of cans to start with.

New ways of allowing customers to purchase and enjoy the beer that they love looks to be a critical part of the “new Moerlein” as well as a lack of fear to try something that might be new.

One thing is for sure about these cases of beer, they’re going to stand out and look phenomenal sitting on the shelves of better beer stores all across the city.

PlumStreetWheatMoer Label Approvals!

It just rolled through the TTB, and they made a point when they talked to that “other” “blogger” about the beer that they weren’t ready to talk about it yet… but since I’m not one to ask permission – here it is.. Plum Street Wheat is going to be seeing packaging! (*Note…this isn’t a guarantee that it will, just that the label is approved… though it fits with their plan)  The label is for a 12oz bottle and reads:

Christian Moerlein’s Plum Street Wheat is a crisp, tart ale made with real plum fruit for a unique, provocative flavor.  made for the creative thinker, this sessionable beer features an innovative mix of malt and fruit for an approachable but intriguingly zesty finish.

It clocks in at  4.5% ABV and 10 IBUs, which means this is likely the same beer that we’ve seen (and drank if you listen to Cincy Brewcast) called Little Jack.

They are throwing a tapping party at the Plum Street CafĂ© if you’re interested in trying this before it makes its way around town.  Stay tuned for more details as I get them about when we’ll see these bottles hit the shelves!

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