tripledigit-gravitatorBrewery- Triple Digit
Beer- Gravitator
Style- Double Bock
ABV- 10%

What kind of beer do you make for the deep, water-freezing-in-your-beard winters of Cincinnati?  Something big, yet smooth.  The cold is bitter enough, so we want something malty with a touch of sweetness.  The style that we thought would fit was being brewed in Germany years before our time: a Doppelbock, brewed to our high gravity standards.  Thought of as liquid bread by the monks, this beer was drunk as a food substitute during the long winter months of lent.

Gravitator will make you forget about the white death outside and the trek to work you have to make in the morning.  It is our high gravity ode to Bock season, that oh so magical time here in Cincinnati.  Parades, goats, floats and mugs of beer help give sense of relief in the middle of winter that culminates in a three day Bock Festival in OTR.  Look for us in the Parade.  We wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Doesn’t every Cincinnati Brewery need to make a bock at some point?  There are a lot of us that say that, yes…it’s a requirement.  Listermann makes a couple different ones, but this is one that shines bright with the high ABV goodness that it holds.

My Thoughts On Triple Digit Gravitator

This beer is big, thick and heavy.  It packs a wallop at 10% ABV.  Poured into a glass it’s a dark brown color with a big foamy tan head on it.  Aromas are full of sweet molasses, bread and maybe some toasty chocolaty notes.

The flavor of Gravitator is full of warmth from the alcohol, but there is a sweet bready flavor that fills your belly up like a good meal.  There are some nice nutty flavors that compliment the sweetness really well and it’s all topped off by a light fruitiness.


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