TinyCincyBeerWeekAhhhh… We’re finally getting a good look at the collaboration beers for this year’s Cincinnati Beer Week.  In years past, there was one beer that was brewed with all the Cincinnati breweries together.  This year things have been switched up a bit with 5 teams creating 5 different beers… The ingredients were selected “draft style” – creating some “interesting” combinations that I’ve been super curious to see how they panned out for months now.  One of these beers will make it to packaging, as well… but I’ll explain that in a minute…first let’s look at each team, and their beers.

TinyMtCarmelTeam Mt. Carmel

The Team:

  • Mt. Carmel
  • Cellar Dweller
  • Fibonacci
  • Fifty West

Drafted Ingredients:

  • Style – IPA
  • Malt – Crystal
  • Hops – US Pacific Northwest
  • Ingredient – Fruit

The Beer – ‘Fruits of our Labor’

  • This fruited IPA is made with peaches and apricots, and clocks in at 7.1% ABV and 48 IBUs

TinyBlankSlateTeam Blank Slate

The Team:

  • Blank Slate
  • Bad Tom Smith
  • Rhinegeist
  • Taft’s Ale House

Drafted Ingredients:

  • Style – Saison
  • Malt – Biscuit
  • Hops – German
  • Ingredient – Peppers

The Beer – ‘Saison d’ 513′

  • This Saison with Chili Peppers comes in at 6% ABV and 14 IBUs

TinyListermannTeam Listermann

The Team:

  • Listermann
  • Dogberry
  • MadTree
  • Urban Artifact

Drafted Ingredients:

  • Style – Amber
  • Malt – 2-Row
  • Hops – New Zealand
  • Ingredient – Wood

The Beer – ‘Over/Under’

  • This Amber Lager is made with Mulberry Wood, it comes in at 6.2% with 30 IBUs

TinyBraxtonTeam Braxton

The Team:

  • Braxton
  • Paradise
  • Rock Bottom
  • Rivertown

Drafted Ingredients:

  • Style – Lager/Pilsner
  • Malt – Munich
  • Hops – English
  • Ingredient – Vegetable

The Beer – ‘Nectar’

  • Nectar is a Mexican Lager with Agave that comes in at 5.4% ABV and 18 IBUs.

TinyEi8htBallTeam Ei8ht Ball

The Team:

  • Ei8ht Ball
  • Christian Moerlein
  • Mash Cult
  • Old Firehouse
  • Tap and Screw

Drafted Ingredients:

  • Style – Belgian
  • Malt – Honey
  • Hops – Citra
  • Ingredient – Flowers

The Beer – ‘Birds and the Bees’

  • Birds and the Bees is a Belgian Golden ale with Honey malt, Honey, and Black Locust Flower, at 6.8% ABV and 18 IBUs…this is going to have some nice flavors!

Over-UnderThe Packaged Beer

Like I mentioned before… Only one of these is going to make it to packaging, with the beer from team Listermann being chosen (Over/Under) – it’s going to be available at Listermann’s taproom starting tomorrow (5/27/16), and will make it’s way out to retailers around town starting next week.

This is a new approach from the Cincinnati Beer Week board, so get out and try all the beers, and let them know what you think about it this year… Hopefully it gives a voice to some of the smaller breweries, or newer ones… especially as this beer scene continues to grow every year!

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