NineGiantShortThey’ve been testing us on Facebook relentlessly for what seems like years at this point, but it’s finally official – Nine Giant is opening their doors (and their windows for that matter) to the public in June. You can safely mark your calendar for the 25th, and as more details are released, I’ll be sure to fill you in about their Grand Opening celebration!

NineGiantBrewSystemAbout the Brewery

Until then, I can fill you in a little bit about what you’re going to be able to expect out of this neighborhood focused brewery in Pleasant Ridge.  The taproom of Nine Giant is going to feel like it would be as welcome in OTR as it would pleasant ridge… polished, airy, full of concrete and stainless steel in a design scheme that I’ve heard called “Hipster Chic”.  The front of the brewery, facing Montgomery Rd has two banks of windows that will swing open letting the fresh air and the neighborhood vibe drift in and out of the taproom.  The building itself was built in 1928, but when you step inside it’s overhauled space you’d think that it was created just for this purpose…it’s stunning – albeit a little bit dusty when I was last there spying…I’m sure they’ll clean up a little bit before we get in there to start drinking.

They are going to be crafting their beer on a 5bbl brewhouse, and they have little to no plans to offer their beer outside via distribution.  This is a brewery that is planned for you to come, visit…and to spend some time.  We all know that usually the most enjoyable way to partake in a delicious craft beer is seated in their taproom… Nine Giant seems to get that as well, and are preparing for it.

They aren’t just going to be pumping out beer to the thirsty drinkers of this city, they’re also going to be operating what they are calling a snackery – a menu that is focused on small plates and great foods to pair with drinking.  This is helping to fill a void here in town of brewery’s that have food as well as great beer, something I hope we see more and more of in the coming years.

The Bigger Picture

Here’s what I can say about Nine Giant.  These are a couple of really great guys who have a vision for not only what type of beer they want to be drinking, but more importantly what type of space they want for a community that is just desperate for something to spearhead a revival.  Nine Giant is being created for Pleasant Ridge…sure, those of us who don’t live or work in the neighborhood are plenty welcome to come hang out…but this isn’t our brewery.  This brewery is for the people who spend their time (or are about to start spending their time) along those sidewalks.  It personifies everything that is so hard to put into words about the craft beer movement.  I can’t wait to see not only how this all shapes out when they open their doors, but to watch as the community uses this brewery as an opportunity to resuscitate the entire area.

Stay tuned in the next month and a half, and I’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on with the Grand Opening Celebration!

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