World Beer Cup Gold MedalI have a post in the pipeline that just got pushed aside with really big news out of Fifty West Brewing Company.  I expected that the next time I would be writing about the brewery, it would be all about their recent opening of their production works across the street from their brewpub, instead I’m writing about the World Beer Cup.

It was a big week for the brewery, and fittingly enough, right as they were in the midst of the grand opening of the new production works they were also receiving a gold medal for their 10&2 Barleywine.  This is a massive win for not just the brewery, but for Cincinnati’s brewing community.

The World Beer Cup is often said to be like the “Olympics for Beer”.  This competition takes place every 2 years and is a celebration of traditional beer styles, no matter where in the world they are being brewed.  It’s a MASSIVE competition, utilizing over 200 professional beer judges working their way through more than 90 different categories of beer styles.  Ever since the competition started back in 1996 it’s been one of the highest honors to win one of their medals.

And Fifty West is taking home a Gold.

TinyFiftyWestI don’t think it could be a better chance for you to find an excuse to make your way out to Mariemont to try their beer.  If you’ve never been there before, you’re in for a treat at one of this cities unique breweries…they have build a facility that is geared towards creating experiences, and you won’t be disappointed.  Even if you’ve been there before… this new expansion that they’ve built for their guests is something completely different than what they had before, but somehow manages to still capture everything that is Fifty West…just better than what they managed to do before.

I’ll have a more in depth article in the near future about the Production Works, but for now…just shout them out on social media, or in person and give them a big congratulations for this win!


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