The news about this came out yesterday, but I found it fitting to write about it today, seeing as today is also the official groundbreaking for MadTree 2.0 (Their big, amazing, massive, incredible expansion).  When Brew Professor wrote about the “issues” surrounding last years Taste of Cincinnati beer selection, it was near impossible to predict that this year he would be working for MadTree, who coincidentally (or not) is making news with the addition of a MadTree Beer Garden at this years event.

The Taste of Cincinnati Beer Selection is growing!A Local Beer Boost

The Beer Garden will be located between Main and Sycamore during this years Taste of Cincinnati event (May 28-30) and will feature a selection of only MadTree beer for thirsty revelers to enjoy. However, taking a look at the follwing list of local beer, you’ll see that there is quite the list available.  In fact, the beer selection has changed so much, that they can say this year 25% of the offerings available will be locally made beer (and cider…more on that in a moment)

  • Christian Moerlein OTR
  • Christian Moerlein Purity Pils
  • Christian Moerlein Third Wave IPA
  • Christian Moerlein Strawberry Pig
  • MadTree Happy Amber
  • MadTree Lift
  • MadTree PSA
  • MadTree Psychopathy
  • MadTree Sol Drifter
  • Over The Rhine Cider Company Original Hard Cider
  • Over The Rhine Cider Company Crisp Hard Cider
  • Rivertown Nice Melons
  • Rivertown Blueberry
  • Rivertown Roebling
  • Rivertown Soulless
  • Rivertown Jenneke

Wait… Over The Rhine Cider Company?

If this is something that you haven’t heard of yet, don’t be surprised…it’s new.  Actually, this is the first time I’ve seen mention of it being available anywhere.  I’ll have more information about it coming very soon – but I can say this… It’s locally produced in Over The Rhine and as of right now, the two varieties that you can see above are all that I’ve heard they’ll be producing.

With the success of Rhinegeist’s Cidergeist and Listermann’s cider offerings, it only makes sense that we’ll start seeing a couple other places around town offering up something besides traditional beer for people to enjoy.

I’ve reached out to see if they how they want to talk about the cider… so check back in the coming week or so and I’ll have more for you to sip on!

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