OFB-FlashpointBrewery- The Old Firehouse
Beer- Flashpoint
Style – IPA
ABV- 6.7%
IBU- 72

A Midwest style, with tropical fruit aromas and a delectable hop body producing a slightly sweet finish. Brewed with a malt blend of 2-row, crystal 40, crystal 20, aromatic, and carapils, along with a blend of warrior, belma, falconer’s flight and zythos hops.

What Do I Think About It?

The bright green can that houses Old Firehouse Flashpoint IPA gives you a big hint to what’s stored inside it’s aluminum confines…hops.

Don’t let the little h-word scare you though, this isn’t a big, unbalanced, bitter, face biter of an IPA.  The brewer calls this a Midwest style IPA,  The beer is balanced in all manners.  I’m impressed that Old Firehouse has managed to cram a big bodied, full malt flavored IPA with such a strong hop backbone into a beer that only comes in at 6.7% ABV.  In short, this beer is pretty awesome.

The aromas are all over the board as you stick your nose into your glass.  Full of caramel, and toast, yet punctuated with a floral, citrus and resiny aroma that won’t let you forget that this is still an IPA at it’s core.  When you taste it, you’re hit with much of the same flavors. The bitter bite of hops is last seen on your tongue battling a sweet malt backbone.

I suppose that every brewery needs to have a packaged IPA if they are going to have any packaging at all. If you’re going to offer one, it’s hard to pick a reason that this isn’t the way to go.  Unashamed to be balanced… it’s tasty.



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