Rivertown-SoulessBrewery- Rivertown
Beer- Soulless
Style- Scarlet Sour Ale
ABV- 5.4%
IBU- 20

A sultry, voluptuous, scarlet hued ale brewed to seduce with velvety, sweet notes of toffee and caramel paired with a provocative lactic finish all wrapped up in a racy, estery bow. Soulless will tease the senses with unexpected and unique flavors celebrating the life lesson that sometimes, indulging in something a little risquè can have its benefits.

Much like Divergent, this is a great “introduction” to sour beer… it’s certainly tart but not something that will completely blow you away if you’re new to the sour world.  Unlike divergent, though, this has a great underlying caramel flavor that sits well behind it’s tart character.

There are a lot of great mild funk flavors that are lying underneath this too.  As soulless warms up you’re able to really start picking some of them out – though they’ll hide behind the sweet toffee flavor if you aren’t looking for them.

Soulless leaves me with the impression that it can bring a lot to the table as a newer craft drinker, or even if you’re palate is a little more “developed” as well.  Full of surprises and wonderful layers of flavor.

Rivertown - Soulless - 2014


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