You might have heard a few whispers yesterday about Braxton Union, and even if you didn’t you’ll surely hear a bit about it today.  As this project goes public I wanted to share a little bit about my excitement.

Braxton Union SaisonThe Slip Up?

Last fall we invited Braxton head brewer, Evan Rouse to join us on Cincy Brewcast.  We had a show planned about home brewing, and invited Evan to come talk about his experiences in the homebrew world.  Little did we know he would bring with him a growler of a new Sarson.  The beer, called Level, was released later that week at the brewery.

While discussing the beer Evan mentioned that the beer was stashed away in a few barrels.  White and Red wine barrels seemed to be the perfect canvas for the clean yeast flavors that the beer showcases.

Ever since this day, when I find myself in the Braxton taproom, I eye those barrels with a thirsty palate.  They placed the barrels front and center on the edge of the taproom, of course.  It’s been something I’ll ask about every once in a while, to see how things are aging.

Last week, though I noticed something had changed – my barrels were gone!  My questions that had always been answered with “When the barrels are ready” we’re now met with sly grins.

Well… I found my barrels.  It’s called Union, and I’ve already preordered.

About Braxton Union Saison

So, you know that Union is Braxton’s ‘Level’ Saison, aged in French Oak wine barrels.  What you also should know is that this beer has been stashed away for over a year.  This new addition to their bottled “Heritage Series” has been pulled from two different types of barrels have spawned three different bottles: The Rouge, The Blanc and the Bleu.

The name, Union is a homage to the home of Braxton Drive, Union, Kentucky.  A celebration of where they are from, and where the innovation was all born.  Nice, right?

Braxton: Union RougeBraxton Union: Rouge

Aged in red wine barrels, the brewery says of Union Rouge:

The soft balance of yeast driven esters and phenols that a saison is known for combined with the currants, cherries, and other fruit notes of the Cabernet Savignon.  The union between the tannins from the French Oak and the delicate fruit flavors make the subtle tartness a perfect finish.

Braxton Union BlancBraxton Union: Blanc

Aged in white wine barrels, the brewery says of Union Blanc:

Dominant floral notes combined with subtle tropical fruits fill the nose followed by a soothing tannic finish.  French Oak Vidal Blanc barrels give Union a bright aroma and flavor allowing a nice warming finish, with earthy yeast characteristics that a saison is known for.

Braxton Union BleuBraxton Union: Bleu

A blend of the two barrels with an addition of blueberries, the brewery says of Union Blue:

The aroma of blueberries combined with delicate sweet fruits, vanilla, and smooth tannins that Cabernet Sauvignon, Vidal Blanc and French Oak are known for.  A world of blended flavors each complimenting one another that allow the base style to shine through.  A dry finish with a slight tartness that compliment the overall body and flavor of this farmhouse style saison.

Get Yours Now!

You can preorder these if you head over to the Braxton Brewing webstore. Whatever isn’t sold via preorder will go up for sale in the taproom on Friday at noon.

I can’t explain how giddy I am about this release.  I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever, and I will definitely be sharing some tasting notes on it in the coming weeks!

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