The Braxton Block PartyI hope that you remember about Braxton’s Block Party this weekend – it’s a great way to kick off your beer drinking marathon that we like to call Cincinnati Beer Week.  It’s also a chance to get your thirsty self a few new beer releases to please thine palate.

That’s right – not satisfied to just throw a heck of a party, with free food and great music, Braxton Brewing Company is getting a few new beers out there for us to drool over.

They seem to be making a habit of these parties where they throw multiple beers our there for us, and I can’t say that I’m disappointed in the slightest by the lineup here.  How do you come up with a few new beers that can celebrate the summer time, grilling, smoke, and still tap into the creativity that you can find from the brewing team at Braxton?

Here’s how:

Bellow – Smoked Hefeweizen

  • I was yearning for a Rauchbier as soon as I heard they’d be doing a beer for the Summer Block Party.  After all, they are using the block party to debut their Big Green Egg Fest too.  The Big Green Eggfest is a competition that revolves around the revolutionary grill and smoker that so many people (including Jake Rouse at Braxton). You have to do a smoked beer then… Right?  But a straight up smokey Rauchbier isn’t always the easiest thing to drink in the summer heat… So why not smoke a wheat beer?  Adding a layer of smoke to a Hefeweizen has been an idea that the brewing team has been thinking about for a while, and what better opportunity?

Wobble – Lavender Saison

  • A Saison’s fruity esters, paired up with the floral effervescence of lavender makes for a great opportunity for an easy drinking, light, summer glass of perfection. I’m thrilled to try this, especially after falling in love with Saisons again after trying Braxton’s ‘Level’ and seeing what they can do with the style.

Summer Storm

  • Here’s one that is at least a little familiar and that we know what we’re looking at when we talk about it’s awesomeness.  This is their Storm golden cream ale infused with cucumber, lime and mint.  If it sounds familiar, you might have tried it as Devoubrew last year. If you didn’t, you now have a new opportunity to be blessed with it’s summery light fresh goodness.  This proved to be so tasty that it’s now returning as “Summer Storm”.

Block Party Beers

Guest Taps

The entire idea of the block party by Braxton is one of celebration, much like a block party in your neighborhood might be.  Braxton uses the event to feature guest taps from their friends and neighbors as well as their own beers.  So… What can you expect in the guest tap realm?

  • Alltech – Old Fashioned Barrel Ale
  • Bad Tom Smith – All American IPA
  • Blank Slate – Shroominous Brown Ale
  • Cellar Dweller – Blueberry Gose
  • Country Boy – Saison with Simcoe
  • Ei8ht Ball – Dalton’s Kriek
  • MadTree – Ford The Mill Brown
  • Mash Cult – Jalepeno Gose
  • Moerlein – Plum Street Wheat
  • Mt. Carmel – Clementine Farmhouse Ale
  • New Belgium – Transatlantique Kriek
  • Quaff Brothers – Space Taxi Belgian Strong
  • Rhinegeist – Mushhushshu Stout
  • Rivertown – Brett IPA
  • The Bruery – Or Xata Blond Ale
  • Upland – Carpet Burn Oyster Stout
  • West Sixth – Transylvania Tripel

Make a careful note of the schedule below – the guest taps are being scheduled throughout the day.  If there is something specific that you want to try, you’ll need to plan accordingly!

Summer Block Party Guest Taps


Braxton Brewing is hosting the party at their Covington taproom.  Mark your calendar for this Saturday, get your drinking shoes on and share the Facebook event with all your friends, too.  If you’ve et to experience one of Braxton’s killer parties, I’m certain that you will be glad you made it down!

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