I think that the easiest way to give you a proper update on where Bircus stands today, is to start from the beginning…ish.  The basics will help late out the Bircus Update better!

BircusWhat Is Bircus Anyhow?

The idea for a Bircus migrated over to Ludlow Kentucky by way of Ghent Belgium, where a brilliant man named Matthias Vermael started funding his own circus by selling beer.  The idea was a smash success in Belgium, if not extremely unconventional.

Enter Paul Miller from Ludlow, Kentucky.  Paul met Mathias along the way in the “circus community” and the idea started brewing.  Could something like this work back here in the States?  Paul was working on a project that involved a massive focus on community development called Cirus Mojo.  A licensing deal was reached with Mathias.

Boom… Bircus… sort of.

The folks at Bircus have been working their butts off for a couple years now to get the idea rolling, and roadblock after roadblock has done nothing less than slow it down to a crawl.  But, things are certainly moving.

Where Are They Now?

As of now (or more accurately June 10th) the brewery has finally received their federal license.  Don’t start rushing for your phone to call an Uber quite yet… They are still waiting on the state and the city before they’ll be able to serve you one of their beers, but it’s getting there!

On a more important note, they are opening up the business as well to investment.

Own A Part of Bircus!

If you’ve been wanting to get in on a start up brewery, this might be a good chance to do it, even if you aren’t a millionaire.  The brewery is offering shares of the Bircus business for as low as $1000.  So if it sounds like something you’re interested in, head over to their website for more information.

One note about the investment, though.  The brewery’s investment offering hasn’t been approved in Ohio quite yet, so you’ll need to be a resident of Kentucky or Indiana right now to jump in.

This is all very different than a Kickstarter, or other crowd funding that you’ve seen.  This is actual equity in the business.  You can own a part of a brewery if you choose to!


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