Ei8htBall-TarnishedBrewery- Ei8ht Ball
Beer- Tarnished
Style- Golden Ale
ABV- 6%

This is our lightest beer we offer. Our Golden Ale is lightly dry hopped with Cascade hops to lend a slightly sweet and floral aroma. This beer is good for any occasion.

My Thoughts On The Beer

There is a time and a place where you might not need a massive IPA, or a dark nutty stout or porter, and it’s these times that Ei8ht Ball Tarnished just perfectly seems to hit the spot.

Poured into a glass you get a beer that sits on the dark end of “golden” with a big off white, foamy head on top.  Aromas of floral hops dance above the glass.

Pulling in a big swig of the delicous beer you’ll be greeted with an easy drinking but rewarding drink.  Full of fruity and floral character that isn’t ashamed to be what it is.

This is a great beer, and perfectly at home in my fridge.

Ei8ht Ball Tarnished Beer Label


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