I shouldn’t need to repeat the disclaimer every time… but I will – This is straight from the TTB, which means that although Mt. Carmel has approval to put this in bottles, it says nothing that they will, nor when they might do so.  That being said:

Boom!  New bottle label!

About The Beer

You might have had a chance to snag this around town this summer, but if not – you’re missing out.  From the label:

Farmhouse brewery, Farmhouse ale, It had to happen eventually.  Introducing our Saisontine.  We started with a heavy dose of big, fruit forward American hops, combined with traditional barley, wheat and saison yeast.  Then we pushed it over the top with the addition of clementines.  The result is an approachable farmhouse ale that is light in body but jam-packed with flavors and aromas reminiscent of pineapple, banana, mango and of course… clementines!  Enjoy, from our farmhouse to yours!

This beer becomes the latest in what they have called their taproom series of bottle releases – which so far has reinvigorated the brewery with innovative beer styles and recipes.  After becoming a hit on the tap lines in the farmhouse, we get to enjoy them in packaged form.  It’s a win/win!

Moral of the story today?  Keep your eyes peeled to social media and your local bottle shop shelves for this one… It’s a winner!


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