SnakeBiteI want to start this article out by letting you know that this isn’t a sponsored post.  I reached out to the Snakebite Company before I wrote this… they didn’t reach out to me.  I’m not sure that the fact really changes anything, either way.  But I thought you’d like to know.

Now.  Snakebite…

I don’t do a ton of product reviews, it’s never really been my “thing” – but this is one that I use every single day that I wanted to share with you.  Let’s start simple, shall we?

Snake Bitten CanWhat’s The Snake Bite?

The Snakebite, in the simplest definition that I can summon up, is a combination bottle opener and can “punch”.  It uses two prongs on the front of the device to punch a pair of holes in your beer can.  But… why in the world do you want to punch holes in your beer cans?  To answer that, we need to explore what I call the “Glug Glug Effect”.

You’re familiar with this if you’ve ever tried to pour a can or bottle of beer and witnessed the hell that air bubbles can have on the head of your beer as it goes into the glass.  I’m no scientist, but I’m fairly certain it has to do with air displacement, vacuums and all sorts of stuff like that.  What I am 100% certain about, is that two small holes punched in the top of the lid all but eliminate this issue.  You’re essentially venting your beer can to make pouring work better.

Wait… two small holes… Snakebite… holy smokes.  It makes sense!

This thought isn’t revolutionary, heck, I’ve been using an old church key bottleopener that sits on my bar for this forever.  The snakebite, though takes the idea to a new level.

SnakeBiteWhat Makes This Better?

First let’s talk about the company in general.  The company is ruled by a few tenets that anyone in the craft beer industry can get behind.  Quality, Consistency and Fun are the roadmap to creating a company like this.  They use American made materials, fully assembled in the good old USA to create a hand crafted product that they feel as proud to stand behind as you’ll feel to be seen rocking it around all your geeky friends.

These suckers are built right.  They’re made to last, made to take a beating.  I can assure you, mine has been through a lot already and it’s still in absolute perfect shape.

Don’t take my word for it.  Get one of your own.  You can find them over at the Snakebite Co website.  And now, when you’re over at my house and see all the holes punched in the tops of my beer cans, you’ll know what that’s all about.


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