It’s all fine and dandy to read about something, as I’m hoping you’ve done with my post from this weekend about FigLeaf – but what if you could hear about a brewery in the words of their owners?  Fear not, reader… you can!

This week’s Cincy Brewcast finds me sitting in the FigLeaf taproom talking to the brewery’s panel of owners to try to figure out who they are and what makes them tick.

I wanted to give everyone an idea of not just what the brewery is going to be like, but how they fit into our craft beer community.  With all the talk about beer bubbles and crowding, I think it’s really great to see what separates a brewery like FigLeaf from their brewery peers around the city.  This is certainly a place that has it’s own role defined not just by our city, but by Dayton to the North as well.

Give the show a listen, please.  And while you’re doing that – head over to the post from this weekend and read a little more about them.  Most importantly, keep your eyes peeled for their opening date.  You don’t want to miss this one!

Guests This Week

  • Jeff Fortney
  • Brian Yavorsky
  • Andy Allgeyer
  • Rich Brown
  • Tasha Brown

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