Brewery – Fifty West
Beer – Brett Is My Co-Pilot
Style – American Wild Ale
ABV – 4.6%
IBU – 15

This tart blonde ale was brewed with our wild friend Brett riding shotgun. The longer you let him ride, the more horsepower this brew gets. So when you’re ready for a spontaneous adventure, scoot over and let Brett take the wheel.

Fifty West’s first foray into a bottled sour or wild ale is a great one.  This beer changes as time goes on, creating an adventure in a bottle for anyone who wants (or is able to) to cellar some away.

This beer was first released in the Spring of 2015, with a limited run of bottles, it was again released in 2017 with a refreshed design on it’s packaging.

My Thoughts On Fifty West Brett Is My CoPilot

This beer does nothing but improve over time (in my opinion) it gets funkier and funkier as time goes on… so if that’s your thing, hang on to your bottle for a year or two before you crack into it.

The beer is really unassuming in the glass.  It’s light yellow in color, with a thin white head on top.

The aromas vary depending on the age of your bottle, but fresh you get a lot more fruit, while as time goes on a nice wine-like grape quality starts to pop from it.  There is a barnyard funk that really comes out over time as well.

Taste is light and fruity when fresh, but quickly take on the funk as it sits in the cellar.  You’ll find more of the dry wine quality as time goes on as well.  This is a really nice, easy drinking entry into the world of Brettanomyces, and I can’t encourage you enough to buy enough to stash some away if you see it for sale.

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