mtcarmel-saisontineBrewery- Mt. Carmel
Beer- Oh My Darlin’ Saisontine
Style- Farmhouse/Saison with Clementines
ABV- 7.1%

Farmhouse brewery, Farmhouse ale, It had to happen eventually. Introducing our Saisontine. We started with a heavy dose of big, fruit forward American hops, combined with traditional barley, wheat and saison yeast. Then we pushed it over the top with the addition of clementines. The result is an approachable farmhouse ale that is light in body but jam-packed with flavors and aromas reminiscent of pineapple, banana, mango and of course… clementines! Enjoy, from our farmhouse to yours!

The play on “farmhouse brewery” and “farmhouse ale” is fun… but it makes Mt Carmel Oh My Darlin Saisontine seem a little bit gimicky… which it’s not.  This is a stellar beer.  For a long time people would say that Mt.Carmel was the stubborn, traditional brewery.  They did their normal styles, and didnt’ venture out of that “comfort zone”.  There’s a lot of reasons that this was pretty true, but it all started to change in the last few years.

The brewery first came out with their ‘Snapshot Series’ and then the ‘Taproom Series’ of beers that push the limits of what they can do.  Creativity has been kicked up to a whole new level, and one of the results is this beer that’s in front of me.

My Thoughts On Mt. Carmel Oh My Darlin’ Saisontine

Summer in a bottle.  A bit cliched as far as a description goes, but it’s the most fitting.  Aromas the first blast off the top of the big white head in your glass are sweet flowers and fruit hiding amongst an underlying spice from the Saison yeast.

Taste changes as your let your glass warm, but when you hit that sweet spot your blessed with a range of fruit and wonderful saison spice that makes this scream out to you that you need to be sitting outside.  It’s very much a farmhouse ale in the best ways possible, pulling notes from the farm like grassy earthiness and sweet fruitiness wonderfully.

This is an awesome beer, and goes to prove yet again that Mt. Carmel is a sleeping giant of often under appreciated talent.



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