DogBerry-LogoThings are moving along at the new DogBerry location in West Chester, and fans of the soon to be not-so-nano brewery are clamoring for more.  The brewery has decided to put out a Mug Club program for their loyal drinking fans (something that they should have done a long time ago).  The program is clearly designed for some of their most loyal fans to not only have a mug proudly displayed with their name in the new DogBerry taproom (or on their shelf at home) it’s also a way for those of you who maybe haven’t been out to their current space to make your way out, and see why they have developed such a loyal core group of fans in the first place.

The New Space

I’m going to keep this brief – If I’m going to trust the statistics that I see from how many people are reading, it seems like everyone in Cincinnati has already read the post I wrote back in May.  If you’re one of the seven people that lives in the greater Cincinnati area that hasn’t heard about it yet, they’re growing up – in a big way.  They’re expanding tenfold.  The brewery is making a short trip south closer to Union Center into a spaced that’s much bigger.  They’ll have more parking, more space to hang out with your friends… and a lot more beer.

But one of the biggest things that makes DogBerry so special is the community aspect that you feel when you’re hanging out in the taproom.  One of the questions I brought up to the boys when we talked to them about the growth on Cincy Brewcast, is how do you keep that feeling even as you get ten times bigger (hopefully with ten times more drinkers in the taproom as well).  You can listen to their answer on that episode of Cincy Brewcast where we talked to them – but I think that this mug club is just one of the many ways that they’re doubling down on their current regulars.

DogBerry MugAbout The Mug Club

A properly planned out Mug Club is about a lot more than just a little bit of fund raising for a brewery… it’s about giving something tangible to your fans that they can hoist up and say “This place is special to me”.  It’s giving people a place that they can feel like is their “own”.  There are few taprooms that I can walk into around the Cincinnati area and actually feel like I’m home.  This feeling is one that you can’t manufacture easily… if at all.  It takes so many different aspects of who you are, and how you run your business to make it a reality, and DogBerry has already done a fantastic job of it, this just puts the icing on the cake.

So… what does this mug club include?  Well, there are two different levels:

The Levels

$100.00 Level

  • You get a big 25 oz tankard – it’s got the DogBerry logo and your name etched on it.
  • Fills in your mug are at a discounted price for lifetime… big beer… low price.  Score!
  • They’ll store your mug in the taproom for you, or you can take it home.
  • Priorities on limited release beers.

$150.00 Level

  • This option includes all that you see above
  • You also get an invite to a private, member only preview party at the new DogBerry location.  First chance to see the space, along with DogBerry beer, and a chance to see the new brew system before anyone else does.

I think you should also know that this is the minimum of what you’re going to see.  They may have a few more goodies thrown in there for you too – you won’t know until the time has come…so take the opportunity and jump on this!  They are capping this at a tight number, only 250 of these total with only 150 going for the party level at the most… it’s VIP at the finest.

If, and I emphasize if, you can’t make it out to the taproom to get yours, the brewery has put it up on their website for you to purchase online.  No excuses!!!

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