TinyMunicipalLogoI have been waiting for this glorious beer ever since the first day that I met Municipal Brew Works head brewer Sean Willingham.  He sat down with us on Cincy Brewcast for a quick update on how things were going on the progress of Municipal, and he brought along some of his home brew to give us all an idea of what things the brewery would be brewing once the doors opened.

This beer was by far my favorite of anything I had of his, and it still remains true to this day – this is one of those gems of a beer that you want to tell all your friends about.  Friends, listen up!

About The Duelist

The Duelist is a Belgian Stout, a clashing of two styles that you don’t typically see together.  The beer brings to the table a ton of roasty and chocolatey flavors that are impeccably balanced by a floral softness that the Belgian yeast brings to the party.

It’s not a small beer, clocking in at 8% ABV with respectable 37 IBUs, so take your time with this. Sip, enjoy, repeat.  The brewery’s description reads:

Step in from the cold and warm up with this hearty masterpiece. Strong roasted malt flavors dominate here, with intense notes of bitter dark chocolate out front and wisps of licorice and campfire smoke dancing in the background. As this beer warms look out for an unexpected visitor in the form a tiny little Belgian hiding inside of each pint. That’s right; our addition of Belgian yeast, with its subtle clove flavors, brings a fun twist to the Stout style and helps to take it from ordinary to extraordinary. Santé!

Looking to get your hands on some?  The week is your chance.  The brewery is throwing a party to celebrate the tapping of ‘The Duelist’

The DuelisttheduelistartworkThe Tapping Event

This Wednesday, November 2nd – you can join the brewery and their friends in Hamilton.  The party starts at 4pm and goes until the brewery closes at 10.  The beer will of course be flowing, and SmokingBeeBeeQ will be on site with their truck with some awesome food pairings.

Do not miss out on this beer!

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