fabfermentsWait.. what?  Pickle Beer?

Yes, Yes… I suppose we need to get that out of the way first.  Urban Artifact, in Northside, has created an absolute masterpiece of a beer called… well… Pickle Gose.  It’s clean, crisp, delicious…and a little pickley.  I mean pickley in the absolute best way possible, mind you.  It’s like biting into a fresh pickle.  So freaking good.

They’ve taken it to the next level, though.  Not only have the created this beer…they’re collaborating with another funky local fermenter to get even weirder!

img_1430Spicy Kimchi and Dill Pickles?

Fab Ferments loved Urban Artifact, Urban Artifact loves Fab Ferments – it’s two funky companies that march to the beat of a different drum.  It only makes sense that they get together on a project like this.

The team at Fab Ferments brought over the flavors and ideas that they use when they create their Spicy Kimchi and Dill Pickles, which the Urban Artifact team then took and combined with their Pickle Gose for what they are calling an “Intensely flavored, delicious infusion of local cultures and flavors”.

Weird… wild… it all makes perfect sense, right?

This upcoming #TapTuesday will be your chance to snag some for yourself.  If you hit up their taproom on Tuesday, October 18th you can be among the first people to try these delicious collaborations.  They’ll of course have some folks from Fab Ferments on hand to not only answer any of your questions about the project, but also to vend some of their delicious fermentables too.  It’s a perfect opportunity to talk all things fermentation!

Cool stuff… right?

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