rhinegeist-hughBrewery – Rhinegeist
Beer – Hugh
Style – Hefeweizen
ABV – 5.4%
IBU – 10

This traditionally brewed Bavarian style Hefeweizen serves light notes of clove and banana atop a creamy, yet dry wheat character.  Cares drift by the roadside as Hugh leans into turns on his motorbike, passing blurred golden wheat fields, his chuckles drowned out by the guttural groan of his thrusting engine.

Rhinegeist brewed this one as a beer that would help those of us here in Cincinnati have a beer that would transition us from the heat of the summer, into the brisk cool fall that usually slaps us in the face.  Hugh seems to be a great beer to straddle those two times of the year.

Hefeweizens are a salute to yeast, with the German yeast that is used briging wonderful banana and clove flavors to the party.  Hugh keeps the tradition front and center while still managing to put a slight Rhinegeist spin on things with a refreshing zip that is all them.

My Thoughts on Rhinegeist Hugh

There are few beers that I think look more beautiful than a German Hefeweizen.  Poured into a big traditional wheat glass it has a thick head of white foam that sits on top of a cloudy, golden yellow body of beer.

Banana, Bubblegum, and yeasty clove aromas are dominant not just above the glass, but they seemingly fill the air of the room after you pour one of these.  It’s wonderful.

The beer is crisp, full bodied and full of heavy flavors of banana and an earthy cracker like graininess.  I’m impressed by the depth that this possesses, while still bringing to mind the term “clean”.  It’s got a simple yet exceedingly deep amount of flavor to it.  With it’s earthiness working perfectly for the fall while the crisp clean nature of it being wonderful for sitting in the sun and knocking a few back.


Hugh Artwork

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