Mash Cult kinda snuck this one under the radar, with a couple of small Facebook post back in October, and November, where they told us that ‘Rummin with the Devil’ would be their first ever bottle release, pending label approval.  Well, the good news for all of us drinkers around town is that it just slid its way through the ttb, which means if all works out the way I’m anticipating, we could be seeing this drop in January.

It’s a sign of really great things from Mash Cult in 2017, a brewery that has sort of made a name for themselves by staying under the radar a bit.  Maybe this will be the catalyst for those of you who haven’t ventured down to try some of their stuff to finally do so!

About The Beer

Rummin With The Devil is a Belgian-Style Ale, aged in second sight Rum Barrels.  It comes in at a beefy 13.75% ABV and packs exactly the punch you’re looking for in the cold months we still have ahead of us.

Look for a beer that is boozy, but that maintains a solid malt profile to back it up… If I’m able to get my hands on this, you know that I’ll be sharing my full tasting notes as well!

As for details… especially a date – I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something solid.  But keep your eyes peeled on social media as well as right here!

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