There aren’t a lot of breweries here in Cincinnati that do Holiday beers the way that Urban Artifact does.  I knew that when I wanted to explore the various styles and personalized of what that category can mean, they were the folks to make it happen.  I jumped on stage in the Urban Artifact taproom in the middle of their 12 beers of Christmas rotation to get a few in front of me and to chat with Scotty Hunter and Bret Kohlman Baker about why they like Christmas beers so freaking much!

With packaging finally moving out the door at UA, there was plenty of other things to pick their brains about too, and that’s exactly what we did!  Cheers, and big thanks to the guys for making the show happen!

Guests This Week

  • Bret Kohlman Baker – Urban Artifact
  • Scotty Hunter – Urban Artifact

From The Beer Fridge

  • Urban Artifact – Sanuk
  • Urban Artifact – Spicecake
  • Urban Artifact – Chocolate Kicksled
  • Urban Artifact – Krampus

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