samadams-rebeljuicedBrewery – Sam Adams (Boston Beer)
Beer – Rebel Juiced IPA
Style – IPA
ABV – 6.2%
IBUs – 55

Swirling with ripe aromas of mango and tropical fruits, this IPA is jam-packed with juicy, citrusy hops and mango juice. It’s as if we took fresh hops and mangos and put them in a juicer.

NE Style IPAs, The difference between stouts and porters, What is craft beer, and the merits (or lack of) of fruited IPAs – it’s not hard to come up with a topic that will start an argument in a room full of craft beer geeks.  With that in mind, I’m starting this with the understanding that you might not like this style, and if that’s the case, you’re missing out.

This beer is designed to be fruity in every way – from the hops selected, to how they were used, to the addition of fresh mango puree – it’s supposed to be sweet, tropical and fresh tasting (and that, it is).

The beer starts with a base of two row malt, to start with a clean palate on which the flavors can be built one at a time.  Zeus hops were used in the kettle for their earthy, spicy and citrusy undertones.  The Mosaic and Mandarina hops that were added in the dry hop stage bring about some fantastic citrus, fruit, tangerine, blueberry and bubblegum notes.

On top of this – that mango puree lifts it all to another level.

My Thoughts On Sam Adams Rebel Juiced IPA

I think I made it pretty clear that this beer is bright, clear, clean, and tropical.  Aromas are fruity for sure, with mango taking the lead, followed up by the citrus scents from the hops.

Rebel Juiced flavor is full of passion fruit, mango, and citrus – but the sweetness isn’t as overpowering as all of this makes it seem.  The finish is clean, and the citrus from the hops seems to clean the palate well.

I feel like this would be fantastic sitting poolside this summer – and I’m fairly certain that I’m going to have to make that happen.  It’s a wonderful addition to Sam Adams’ solid lineup and a really happy Rebel Family of beers.








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