Urban Artifact BrewingI think that I’ve told you before that 2017 is going to be a very big year for Urban Artifact.  I’m sure that by now you’ve started to realize why I would say something like that, with them already putting out 6 bottles of beer between December and January.  What’s most exciting about it all, though is that they are really just getting started.

They’ve told us that in addition to the 5 variants of Thoroughbred that they’ve already let loose this year, we’re going to be seeing two more of them.  Then, they dropped a bomb on us all – a sour berry bomb, that is.

We should talk about that, it’s called ‘The Gadget’

About The Gadget

Urban Artifact reached out to their staff for a fun beer idea when The Gadget was born.  The response from them was pretty simple, they wanted a “Sour Berry Bomb”, and when the gadget finally met the lips of them (and all of us) it was an instant hit.  Sour. Berry. Bomb.

The comparisons were instant, people started comparing it to the offerings that you’d find from fruited sour geniuses New Glarus and the like. It was a hit, to say the least.  They brought it back, sort of, with another fruited sour called Operation Plowshare when they did the Donut beer stuff with Yelp – but other than that, we haven’t seen it again.

In the glass, this beer is dark reddish purple, like some kind of demented Kool Aid.  You can find all sorts of berries and fruit in the aroma, and the flavor, but your palate is punched with the tart bite that cuts through it all.  I can’t say that I’ve had all that much from New Glarus, but to me, this beer blows what I have out of the water.  Mouth puckeringly delicious.

How Do You Get It?

You realize by now, I hope, that I wouldn’t be writing this just to tell you about a beer that hasn’t been around since last fall.  If you didn’t read yet, Urban Artifact has received label approval for this beer to be packaged in 12oz bottles and released from the brewery.  This is good news for people who’ve been itching to get a hold of this again, or those of you who missed out on the pilot batch last time.

Well… you’re in luck folks it’s coming soon.  You know how Urban Artifact likes to do their #TapTuesday events every week?  Well… let’s just say that you should probably clear your calendar for Tuesday, January 24th [EDIT – from the brewery via their twitter account, there was an “unexpected delay” and it’s going to be at least a week late for this release… I’ll keep you in the loop with it, though]… and you should probably come thirsty… and bring your friends… and wear your homemade “I love The Gadget” shirts that you made last fall and have been waiting to wear again… if you catch my drift.

As a little side note, that day also happens to be “National Beer Can Appreciation Day” too, so you might want to pick up a couple six packs of Urban Artifacts cans while you’re there, it’s the American thing to do. And keep your eyes peeled – I keep telling you to watch these guys this year, they’re going to have a lot more things moving out their door and into your fridge.

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