northhigh-life-1Brewery – North High
Beer – Life
Style – Golden Ale
ABV – 7.5%
IBU – 20

A beer worth celebrating with! A Belgian style golden strong ale fermented with champagne yeast. It has a subtle white wine and fruit notes and finishes dry.

The name and can design caught my eye, but when I started reading about this beer, that’s when the decision to grab some to try was made.  It’s an interesting idea, taking North High Brewing Company’s Golden Ale and fermenting it with champagne yeast.  The idea is to create a beer that’s effervescent and worth of celebration, something that I think they’ve achieved very well.

The brewery is located in Columbus Ohio, so it’s easy for me to get their beers here in Cincinnati, something that I think I need to do more of.  This beer is well crafted, creative, and pretty damn tasty to go along with it.

My Thoughts On North High Life

Effervescent while remaining big, this beer is a fun experiment.  The body of it is full and well-rounded, but the carbonation lifts it off the palate and makes it surprisingly drinkable.

You’ll find a ton of fruity, and light cracker aromas that gives this a depth that I didn’t expect.

You’ve certainly got to be careful drinking this, at 7.5% it can catch up with you if you drink it down as quickly as it begs to be.

This beer was brewed for a celebration, and I could see it becoming a substitute in my glass for any event worthy of a glass of champagne.  Creativity has payed off for North High – I love it.









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