Brewery – Rivertown
Beer – Winter Ale
Style – Winter Ale
ABV – 7.5%

Winter Ale is a big, bold, thick bodied ale brewed with molasses and cinnamon. It has a creamy head, robust hue, and rich bold flavor.

No matter what has happened with Rivertown, through changes of branding, ownership shakeups, moves, etc.  one of the things that has remained constant is their winter seasonal, just called Winter Ale (Though it debuted as Winter Solstice).

It’s pretty easy to see why that’s the case when you pair this beer with a cold winter evening, or pour yourself a glass of it after a massive holiday meal with your family.  The beer is the season in a glass.  It’s all thanks to a hearty addition of cinnamon and molasses that kicks it up a notch.

My Thoughts on Rivertown Winter Ale

In the glass it’s a dark amber color with a thin tan head on top.

Aromas are just a hint at the wintery joy you’re in store for.  You start to get a light spice from the glass, though nothing that will blow you away.

When you get your first taste, though… it leaps off your palate.  This beer is like a great Christmas cookie.  It’s full of cinnamon and sweet brown sugar.  It’s all paired up with a light mouthfeel that leaves you with a distinct that this beer is something you could drink a whole lot of, but that you probably shouldn’t if you want to get anything accomplished the next morning.

Delicous winter treat, that’s for sure.

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