Urban Artifact BrewingIf you’ve been paying attention to how they’re doing their can releases, I don’t think this will be a surprise to you, but at the very least as we get these great warm days it’s a signal that summer is on its way to Cincinnati.

Urban Artifact has two cans on shelves, their core ‘Finn’ Berliner style Pale Ale, and then their seasonal Sliderule Gose. With a seasonal sitting next to the core beer on the shelf, you should be assuming that we’re going to see this release change through the year seasonally, right?  And if you saw Pinwheel (one of my favorite local beers) come through previously, you probably figured out what we’d see as the year progressed, right?

It’s confirmed this morning as the approval came through for Keypunch, the wildly popular Key Lime Gose that is Urban Artifact’s summer seasonal beer.

About Keypunch

If for some reason you’ve been living under a rock the last couple years and haven’t tried this beer yet, let’s take a look at the label to learn a little bit more about it, it reads:

The punch card was a stepping stone into the era of digital computing.  Weaving patterns, piano rolls, and calculations to send teams into space.  Program your day with a Keypunch.

That doesn’t help us with the beer… read on:

A gose infused with the juice and zest of fresh key limes.  Light, crisp, key lime pie flavors are the perfect companion for the hot days of summer.

Now we’re talking.  The can goes on to describe the beer as Sour, Hazy, Lime and defines it as a “Gose style ale, brewed with key limes, sea salt, coriander and vanilla beans.

Have you really not tried this beer yet?  If not, You need to grab a six pack of it when it comes to shelves this summer time – it’s pretty fantastic.

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