I’ve talked about it a hundred times, but when Urban Artifact does things, they don’t do things the normal way.  They get a little weird about it.  One of their favorite past times is collecting wild yeast to use in beer (what, yours isn’t?).  They have used this city as a playground, to capture different yeasts to use in various beers.  Remember recently, when they released their Bock beer that used yeast collected at the museum center at Union Terminal – that’s the idea here.

Urban Artifact BrewingThe Beer

To celebrate Fat Tuesday, they’re throwing a big event that is capped off with the release of another bottle, this one, a wild yeast fermented Belgian Quad that they brewed in collaboration with the St. Anthony’s Friars just up the road in Mt. Airy.

The brewing team at Urban Artifact used the grounds at St. Anthony’s shrine to collect wild yeast, and microbes – the samples were analyzed and the perfect specimens were selected and used to concoct a beer that blended perfectly with the micro-flora.

The resulting brew is a Belgian Quad (of course) that clocks in at 10.1% ABV, and spent 10 months aging away in a red wine barrel.

You’ll be able to snag the beer at the event on draft, as well as 22oz bottles.  Nothing like some more fantastic bottled beer from Urban Artifact, could these guys be killing it any more?

The Event

Again, they’re celebrating Fat Tuesday with this, so you’ll find an event full of Cajun flair.  Renegade Street Eats will be set up around 5pm with Cajun inspired fare including a Cajun burger, Cajun wings, and their Yankee Gumbo.

It’s Urban Artifact… so yo know the music will be off the chain.  They’ve got Jazz Renaissance hitting the stage at 8pm for live New Orleans style jazz.

Maybe the best part of this all?  The event is going to also serve as a fundraiser for the Franciscan Friars, with $1 from every bottle sold, and every draft poured, being donated to aid the Friars in their mission work.

Need more reasons?  Didn’t think so…

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