This is a big collaboration, so big that it can’t even all fit in the post title.  I hope that you’ve seen some chatter about this on social media (or heard us mention it in the latest episode of Cincy Brewcast) but this is a beer that was brewed as part of the Pink Boots Society’s Big Boots Brew on March 8th, 2017.

Done at the newly opened Brink Brewing Company in College Hill, the beer is about a lot more than just another fun beer for you to pour down your face-hole, it’s designed to do good – something I can respect.

The Collaboration

International women’s day was marked this year by an event that I think we can all get behind.  Brewing Beer!  The beer was a collaboration designed to help raise the profile of women in the beer industry and to raise the profile of beer to women.  Together, representatives from the following places got together to make a beer:

  • Brink Brewing
  • Fibonacci Brewing
  • Marty’s Hops and Vines
  • The Pink Boots Society

They kicked the collaboration up a notch by bringing in 40 lbs of local honey from Bee Haven LLC, and lucky for us, the beer is almost ready to tap.  But the whole thing was designed around an event that takes place every year, for a cause that I think is an important one, it’s the Big Boots Brew from the Pink Boots Society (read about it here)

About Big Boots Brew Day

Every single year, the Pink Boots Society gets together all across the country and brews a beer to help raise the profile of women in beer, and beer to women.  They don their pink boots, fire up their brewhouses and get to work!  Profits from the events and fundraisers that come about from the brew day are donated to the Pink Boots Society to fund their scholarships and other educational initiatives.

This year, the recipes were decided to be “Ancient/Historical Ales”.  The Cincinnati Chapter decided to use the first of the two recipes, which was crafted by Amy Newell-Large from Avery Brewing Company.  The base recipe came in at around 7% ABV and 28 IBUs, but the fun part about this is that everyone tends to put their own little spin on the final beers.

Recipe number two was a Strong Ale from Catherine Portner of Portner Brewhouse.  It was a historic recipe from Washington DC’s first brewer.

About The Tapping Event

The tapping event is at Brink Brewing Company on Saturday, April 8th from noon until 11pm.  The beer will be on tap all day and Sweets & Meats BBQ will be on site with their food to keep your stomach from doing too much growling.

If you want to know more about the Cincinnati Girls Pint Out, this is a great event to do that, too.  The ladies from the organization will be on hand starting at 2 and will be able to let you know a little bit more about what they’ve got going on.

It’s a great event, with some really fantastic organizations that are set up to help bring awareness to a segment of the population that craft beer has left out in the cold for a long time: women!  So bring your wives, your daughters, your husbands, and your sons, heck… your entire family and show some support!

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