Brewery – Rhinegeist
Beer – Bubbles
Style – Fruited Ale
ABV – 6.2%

A bright, dry, and lithe Rosé Ale with apple, peach, and cranberry for tartness and blush. Bubbles erupts with effervescence and evanescence.

The first addition to the can lineup of Rhinegeist’s cider program after it launched in the summer of 2014.  The cider was such a hit when it was on draft only around town, that it was a no-brainer to add to the lineup. Yes, you read that right – cider (we’ll get to that)

The bright pink can immediately stood out from their other two cider offerings at the time and to a lot of drinkers across the city (myself included) the liquid within stood out as well. In fact, Bubbles was a big reason that Rhinegeist started, and continues today with their line of fruited ales – something that they’ve definitely become known for.

If you’re confused about the whole Rose Cider turned Rose Ale bit… don’t worry, a lot of people are.  When this post first went live, it was cut and dry, Bubbles was a cider.  Only now it isn’t… it’s technically an ale.  If it seems goofy, you might want to jump over here and have a read about it! – The important thing that you need to know is Bubbles is still the same taste it always was – but it’s evolved in how it fits in with the Rhinegeist line (along with a couple of minor recipe tweaks).

My Thoughts On Rhinegeist Bubbles

Pink hued in the glass.  This doesn’t strike the same fear in the hearts of drinkers as Saber Tooth Tiger might, but don’t let its appearance fool you into judging it.  Bubbles is pretty damn tasty.

Aromas are light but fruity and fresh.  There is a bit of apple tangling with a mustiness that I find very “fall-like” and makes me want to drink this while enjoying a sunset and a campfire.

The taste is bright, clean, and fruity.  There is a punch of apples that is brought back to earth with a soft pomegranate sweetness.  It’s all washed clean with effervescent carbonation.

I may never claim to be a “cider guy”, but this is tasty stuff, and I’d certainly never turn my nose up to a glass placed in front of me.

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