If you’re a listener of Cincy Brewcast (which I sure hope you are) you might remember back in August when we were talking to the brewery about the release of their Night Marcher Lindsey hinted that we might be seeing some really great new stuff in the future.

Well… we got the first cider from Rivertown (Tequilana) and now we’re going to see the newest addition (and first for 2017) to their Liquid Ingenuity Series.  Let’s meet the beer, shall we?

Sour Noir

Sour Noir is a sour ale that is blended with La Terza Brazilian Coffee.  The label is great, a film noir image incorporating a black and white style that isn’t too far off stylistically from their Night Marcher.  It’s not a coincidence, seeing as they used the same artist ‘Conrad’ to do the design work for the label.

To learn more, let’s have a look at the label itself:

You’re good Miss Brevis, too good.  If you were actually as innocent as you pretend to be…” he quipped. “Well, you know me, Mogiana, ” Brevis replied, “If you did it, or if you didn’t, you’ll get a square deal from me.  I wasn’t sure if a fella like you would have what it takes to get the job done.”  She shot Mogiana a cunning grin.  “Well, Brevis, I don’t dare question that you have what it takes.  But you can’t argue that we work well together.  You’re the brains, I’ll be the brawn”.

Although this sort of sets the stage with the film noir theme, you’ve got to be a pretty big nerd to really start to use this as any sort of descriptor for what lies in the bottle.  It’s all very Wicked Weed-esque in it’s ability to use a story to sort of tell you about the beer without really doing so.

If you read on farther across the label, they did include a portion for those of us who might have a hard time following the first part:

Meet Sour Noir, a killer filler of a creation that blends a stainless lacto-soured porter with Brazil Mogiana Carmo de Minas coffee from LaTerza Artisan Roasterie.  Tart, dark and roasty, this Liquid Ingenuity release reveals notes of dark cocoa, tobacco, candied walnut and muted cherry infused with an unmistakable lacto characteristic.  Simply put: it’s the cat’s meow.

The beer will be released at 10am in the Monroe taproom on April 1st, and will start heading out to distribution soon after that.  It will also be on tap at both locations that day, so mark your calendars!

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