Brewery – Braxton Brewing Company
Beer – 1957 All Star Ale
Style – English Mild
ABV – 4%
IBUs – 17

1957 is a one of a kind beer. Utilizing specialty malts, this English Style Mild features a unique nuttiness and caramel-like sweetness that’s intended to remind you of America’s favorite ballpark snack. A faint hop presence to balance the light malt body makes this a great summer time, “take-me-out-to-the-ball-game” beer.

This very well might be my favorite beer that Braxton has ever made.  It was first brewed (and I first fell in love with it) during the Cincinnati’s All Star Game week of 2015.  The beer is designed to remind you of the flavors that you’ll find in Cracker Jack, and when tapped it was served alongside the snack, which pulls out those flavors wonderfully.

It’s a great full flavored beer, that at the same time doesn’t have an over the top ABV that will hold you back from drinking it all day.  This beer is very much at home at the ballpark, alongside dinner, or sitting around a fire pit with friends late into the evening.

The name is a fun story.  Back in 1957 the Reds became famous for an interesting feat.  The teams fans pulled off the impossible and ended up with almost all the starters for that years all-star game representative of the team.  The accomplished it by ‘stuffing the ballot box’.  There were ballots in bars, in the local newspaper… everywhere.  If you were awake, you were filling out a ballot (that might be an exaggeration, but you get the point).  When the dust cleared, there were all but one of their starters on the all-star team.


  • Silver Medal – 2017 Indiana Brewer’s Cup

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My Thoughts On Braxton 1957

In the glass, 1957 is a deep copper color, with great ruby highlights when you get it up to the light.  There is a thin, fizzy, light brown head that sits on top of the beer.

Aromas are caramel maltiness.  It’s got a nice toasty note as well that lingers pretty far from the glass.

When you get the beer into your mouth you’re hit with the fizzy mouthfeel, that lifts the caramel sweetness off the palate, and lets some of the nutty flavors shine.

All this is packed into a nice, light, easy drinking package.  It’s (for me) a damn near perfect package.

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