I love watching new brewery’s as they open up.  It’s fascinating to see the different approaches that each of them take with their opening strategies, and March First certainly had one that had everyone on their toes.  March First is a brewery that didn’t put much out there until there was beer ready to leave their door – everyone was going a bit crazy trying to learn a little bit about who they were, and what they were all about.

Throughout the show, I really wanted to tackle one major topic… who is March First, and what is their plan for fitting into this community. We learned a ton from them to get us a little closer to understanding the answer. This is a brewery that’s making lagers, craft ciders, they’re distilling… it’s all stuff that few breweries tackle, let alone from the very beginning.

They’ve got big plans.

Everything, from their small taproom, to their branding, it all screams a brewery that is looking to be BIG, and get their beer into a lot of different places, and that’s exciting.

Guests This Week

  • Shae Pridemore
  • Garret Huber

From The Beer Fridge

  • Premium Lager
  • Bock
  • Dry Hopped Cider
  • Lime Cider


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