Brewery – Mt Carmel
Beer – Hops and Wheat
Style – Hoppy Wheat
ABV – 4.8%
IBUs – 34

Bright, citrusy and hoppy, this wheat ale salutes the flavor of the American hop and gives way to a smooth refreshing finish.

One thing that you can count on when it comes to Mt Carmel – from the consistency that you’ll find when it comes to the quality of what they’re doing to the long lasting traditional beers that have been around as long as Cincy Craft has – they do what they do, and it sticks around because it’s damn good.

That doesn’t mean, though that they’re afraid to change things around from time to time.  On the heels of (or in the midst of) a massive rebranding and expansion of their facilities, the brewery has released a new seasonal beer to replace their older “Summer Wheat”.  This beer, called Hops And Wheat, takes the same idea of the older beer and kicks it up a notch with bright fresh American Hops.

My Thoughts On Mt Carmel Hops and Wheat

In the glass, Mt Carmel’s Hops and Wheat looks just like you’d expect an American wheat ale to look, it’s bright yellow, with a big foamy white head on top of the glass.

As soon as you get your nose close, though, you get the bright burst of citrus fruit letting you know that this beer packs a nice summery flavor whallop for your tastebuds.

Just as expected, the flavor of it is bright, citrusy and refreshing.  It’s finishes nice and clean but with a full mouthfeel from the wheat.  This is a beer that begs to be stocked in a cooler by the pool when you’re looking for something with a bit more flavor than the typical light summer go-to beers that surround you most of the time.

Just awesome… great job, Mt. Carmel!


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