Brewery – Urban Artifact
Beer – Pinwheel
Style – Kumquat Gose
ABV – 4.5%
IBUs – 12
PH – 3.5

Bursting with orange aromas accompanied by bready wheat malt flavors and a bright acidity. A Gose that captures the essence of Spring.

I don’t think I had ever tried kumquats before Urban Artifact released Pinwheel on it’s taps February 23rd of 2016.  I also think that I’m a kumquat nut, now… or maybe just a super fan of this beer.

What I’ve learned (thanks Urban Artifact, for making learning fun!) is that kumquats originated in the 12th century and started being imported through the London Horticultural Society.  The fruit is bright, and citrusy, and eventually found itself on North American soil, and then into a Gose brewed in an old church in Northside, in Cincinnati Ohio.  The brewery loads this beer up with nearly seven pounds of fresh kumquats per barrel of Gose, a classic German wheat style, spiced with coriander and sea salt.

My Thoughts On Urban Artifact Pinwheel

Pinwheel pours a cloudy orange color with a very thin, light orange head that quickly dissappates into the ether.

The quickly dissolving head leaves behind a brilliant, bright citrus aroma on top of the glass, along with a light wispy floral note that lingers on the tip of my nose.

The taste is bright punch citrus, backed up with a nice medium mouthfeel that is held up by a bready wheat flavor.

It is impossible to write about this beer without emphasizing the refreshing quality that it possesses, and the ease in which your glass will go from empty to full while sitting in the sunshine with it.  Fantastic flavor combination and a must buy… no a must kept in fridge stock beer while it’s available on shelves.

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