Brewery – Braxton Brewing Company
Beer – Kentucky Home
Style – Golden Strong Ale
ABV – 9.5%

There’s magic in that moment. As the thoroughbreds stride from the paddock to the post parade, the crowd rises, the state is still, and everyone sings together “My Old Kentucky Home.” It’s not the only tradition on the first Saturday of May. There’s the roses, the most exciting two minutes in sports, and the Mint Juleps. Man, are there Mint Juleps. It’s with that spirit of togetherness and tradition, we’re proud to call the Commonwealth our Kentucky Home. And for you, we’ve brewed this batch in honor of this event on the first Saturday of May.

This beer is Braxton’s salute to the Kentucky Derby’s drink of choice, the Mint Julep.  While when it first was released, Kentucky Home used a cream ale base aged in bourbon barrels, 2017’s version saw a big step up for the beer with a Golden Strong Ale base, still aged away in Bourbon barrels.  These Woodford Reserve barrels give it the bourbon kicks that any mint julep inspiration requires.  The beer then gets an infusion of fresh mint to step it up to another level.

It’s no secret after you taste this beer why the brewery chose it to be their first ever special release back in 2015.  It’s a fantastic representation of some of the things that the brewery stands for: Home, Kentucky Pride, Barrel Aged Happiness.  It’s a great salute to not only the derby, but to changing seasons as well, and I look forward to getting it on tap and in it’s big, colorful 22oz bomber bottles every year.

My Thoughts On Braxton Kentucky Home

Kentucky home is unassuming in the glass – it’s golden and clear colored with a bright white head on top.

The aromas that drift off the top of the glass give it’s real character away, though.  You get fresh notes of mint, and a corn like bourbon note that will make the mouth of any bourbon fan immediately start to water.

The taste is kicked off by a big blast of bourbon sweetness, and a kiss of fresh mint that immediately calls to mind the cocktail that inspires this.    Awesome.

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