This week I was joined by Dave Dixon and Jon Covey, two homebrewers-turned-innovation brewers for Braxton Brewing company. I wanted to try to capture a little bit of their journey, and what it means to have a brewery that operates with a culture of innovation.

It’s all relevant with the recent news of Braxton’s expansion into what they’re calling the Braxton Labs (there will be more about that soon on the show).

We dug into some of Dave’s homebrew to get a taste for what innovation and creativity might taste like (for the record, it might taste delicous.)

It was a great show, and a really special look “behind the curtain” of a side of the industry that most of us don’t get to see that often.

Guests This Week

  • Jon Covey
  • Dave Dixon

From The Beer Fridge

  • Dave’s Barleywine
  • Dave’s Belgian Dubbel

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