Brewery – Sam Adams (Boston Beer)
Beer – Longshot – Barnstorm Saison
Style – Saison
ABV – 7.8%

This saison blends a soft malt character from white wheat with delicate floral notes from English hops, and finishes crisp with a hint of pepper from the Belgian yeast.

This beer was a winner of the 2016 Longshot competition from Sam Adams.  The brewer who created it, David Cousino, says of the beer:

“In my profession as a pharmacist, everything is hard science.  While that serves me well in this hobby, it does not begin to describe the magic of fermentation.  I created the best I can by calculating, measuring, and observing.  Then the real magic happens.  That transition from what I can control to what I cannot is the heart of allure of this wonderful hobby.”

David has been hombrewing since 1992.

My Thoughts On Barnstorm Saison

This beer is bright, clear and yellow orange colored.  The thin head on top of the beer is an off white and dissipates very quickly.

Aromas let you know exactly what the style is, very quickly.  You get strong notes of spicy Belgian yeast, with a touch of fruit right on top.

The taste is huge Belgian notes.  The yeast is front and center and the clear star of the beer – there is a nice bubblegum note and more of the Belgian spice that we first discovered in the aroma.  You’re not going to like this if you’re not a Belgian fan… it’s big, bold and delicous.

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