I know that this city is all excited for the next seasonal gose from Urban Artifact to hit their local shelves.  You can’t deny that we all love our Keypunch.  Once Keypunch moves out, we’ve also got Chariot filling some space in our fridges too – it’s a good time to be a Urban Artifact fan to say the least.

But things are looking like they’re going to get even more fun with this next label that just rolled through the approval process – we’ve got a new rotation of cans, which means 3 of them on the shelf at a time.


I love this beer.  I have to confess, first though, so you understand a little bit.  I’m not the biggest fan of Witbier… the yeast doesn’t do anything for me, I’d much rather the big banana clove flavor of a German Hefeweizen.  Because of that when I first read the description I was fearful that I wouldn’t dig this beer too much, which they called a tart witbier.

Goodness was I wrong.

The description on the label reads:

A tart white style ale brewed with 30 lbs of Trappist Orange Marmalade, 1.17 lbs of Coriander, 5oz of dried rose petals, malted barley, flaked oats and torrfied wheat.  A refreshing twist on a classic white ale.

The beer comes off as a tart, white, floral beauty of a beer.  It’s 5.5% abv with a ph of 3.2.  I thin that refreshing is probably the best way to describe this beer though… it’s certainly complex, but at the same time, light and simple.  Great beer, and might change my opinion about what I think about “wit” beer.

The can goes into a little detail about the name as well:

Utilizing flash powder and ignited by an electric current, the flash lamp provided the necessary burst of light to make flash photography a reality in the early 20th century.  Brighten up your day.

It fits.  The beer is a bright flash of tartness that will certainly make you smile!

So… When?

You should know by now that when we get these label approvals, we don’t always know when we’re going to see them on shelves.  What I do know, is that this becomes a new rotation for the brewery – a six month flip flop between this and another beer.  I don’t know what that other beer will be, yet.

Pickle Gose? Whirligig? Coffee Kodiak?  If have any input… that’s what I’m shooting for (I don’t have any input, for the record.)

I can promise that as soon as I hear rumblings about it, I’ll let you guys know!  Keep your eyes peeled on Urban Artifact’s social media, though, they usually let us know when things are getting close to another release.


Urban Artifact shot out a press release letting us know that yes – Flash Lamp has hit the canning line, and is set for a release on draft and cans around Cincinnati on June 19th. They are still being tight lipped about what we’ll see for the other six months of the year to compliment this, though.

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