Brewery – Braxton
Beer – Summertrip
Style – Passionfruit Berliner Weisse
ABV – 4.2%
IBU – 4

When the weather overheated like a radiator on the fritz, it was time to step out of the garage and head somewhere cool to relax. We found every excuse to celebrate those dog days with our family and friends, because it reminded us all that summer isn’t a season, it’s a state of mind. Introducing Summertrip, a lively beer brewed to let loose and live up those days that never seem to end.

This kettle soured German style ale features 50% wheat malt and is balanced with the use of lactobacillus. Very little to no hop presence allow the bready/biscuit characteristics to come through, with a nice tart Passion Fruit finish.

This beer was one of my favorites to debut for the summer of 2016, and it moved up a few spots as it made its way into cans in late spring of this year (May of 2017) and earned itself a spot in my beer fridge as the summer sun heated up Cincinnati.

Braxton seems to have designed this beer for heatwaves, for summer grilling, and barbecues sessions, or you could enjoy it in swimming pools in Corona. You can have Braxton Summer Trip for any occasion, be it a party, road trip, or trekking. I’ve downed more than my fair share of this while kicked back in a chair during hot camping trips already. It is a summer beer, if you didn’t guess that already by its name!

My Thoughts On Braxton Summer Trip

This beer is light and crisp, easy drinking, but that doesn’t mean it is anywhere close to being short on flavor.

In the glass, the beer pours a clear golden color with a really fluffy white head on top.

The aromas that become present almost immediately are the obvious passionfruit, which is backed up with a bready kiss of malt.

The taste is bright and punchy… the tartness is spot on for a summer beer. Passionfruit dominates the profile, which blends in notes of lemony citrus and that touch of breadiness that I got in the aroma. It’s solid, drinkable and really approachable, even if someone isn’t a fan of sour beer. The fruitiness makes this really stand out in a good way by the swimming pool!

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