Brewery – Listermann Brewing Company
Beer – Ms. E
Style – NE IPA
ABV – 7.6%

East Coast IPA with Citra and Jarrylo.

This member of Listermann’s Hip Hop series of NE IPA can releases sat next to ‘Yoda Potato’ for it’s release day on May 6th of 2017.

The beer uses Citra and Jarrylo hops to fill out it’s profile with citrus and fruit flavors that we crave out of the style, and it’s bright yellow and white can evokes the bright sunshine that those flavors remind me of.

My Thoughts On Ms E

Golden yellow in the glass, with a small thin white head, the beer doesn’t look like much will surprise you, but when you dig into the aroma your’e hit with not only the fresh citrus fruit from the Citra and Jarrylo hops, but great yeasty bready doughiness that’s there too.

The soft mouthfeel leaves the beer soft, smooth and refreshing, without a harsh bitterness, but they manage to leave a little punch of bite in there still, to make sure you don’t forget that you’re drinking an IPA and not a glass of fruit juice.  The beer is great – and an awesome addition to the series!

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