Brewery – Wooden Cask
Beer – The Girl Next Door
Style – Blonde Ale
ABV – 6%

Our GND Blonde Ale is our most approachable craft beer expression.

Beer doesn’t always have to slap you in the face to be delicous – and while that’s pretty much the thesis of everything that Wooden Cask does, there might not be many beers that they brew that represent that better than their Blonde Ale.  As craft beer drinkers, I see too many of us skip over picking one of these because we’re too caught up in something more “exciting”. Don’t make that mistake with ‘Girl Next Door’.

Full flavored, but super easy drinking… this beer is no joke.

My Thoughts on Girl Next Door

In the glass, Girl Next Door is golden with the obligatory slightly off-white head on top.  It looks like every beer that you snubbed your nose at when you started drinking craft beer… but it’s so much more.

The aromas are malty, and have a nice sweet grain aroma, with a hint of bread drifting off the top of the glass.

Digging into your first sip, which goes down fast and easy, you’re hit with a slight bit of caramel and breadiness… it’s really nice.  The beer doesn’t have the bells and whistles of a big IPA, but you don’t want it to – you want the easy drinking, full flavor to wash over your palate, over and over all night, and this beer allows just that.  Awesome.

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