Brewery – Rivertown
Beer – IPA
Style – IPA
ABV – 6.5%
IBUs – 67

Crafted for the hop heads, enjoyers of IPA’s and the hop curious. This medium-bodied tropical IPA is vibrant, effervescent and bold.

This beer debuted in July of 2017 bringing along with it a new, updated look for the brewery.  The design work was done by TOMMYINK and represented a new era for the Cincinnati brewery.  The beer was designed with a goal to fit into the fridges of a whole group of IPA drinkers, covering the serious hop heads all the way down to the hop curious, and I think it nails it on that front.

My Thoughts On Rivertown IPA

In the glass this beer stands up with a really pretty clear golden color and a large, slightly off-white foamy head.

I get a really nice fresh grapefruit and tropical aroma, backed up by a light breadiness in the background.  It’s got the super-traditional American IPA aroma that I crave more and more as people start to get a little more “creative” with their IPAs lately.

The taste hits bright and slightly bitter right at the front, finishing off with a crisp fruity blast, and ending with nice orange and grapefruit peel-like bitterness at the end.

It’s clean, refreshing and pairs up really well with a lot of the food that I’ve tried it with while enjoying a pint or two at Rivertown’s barrel house in Monroe.  Great beer for their new “revamped” lineup!

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